Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Thoughts on being a new mom

As I sit here next to my son resting comfortably I wanted to share some of the thoughts I have had over the last week as I've transitioned into a new title: mom.  I can't believe that I delivered this little one a week ago and my world has forever changed for the best.  I've never felt this kind of love and it is all consuming.  I mean look at him, he's my version of perfection.

Our newest addition
I've had a lot of different thoughts and insights over this last week, some that I feel are important to share for other new mom's and mom's to be.

1. Get a breast pump... well get one in the event that you plan to breastfeed.  If you have no intention of giving your baby breast milk then this does not apply to you and you can skip the rest of this thought.  I, however, plan to exclusively breast feed my son for 6 months.  And for those of you who don't know breast pumps are covered under insurance.  I paid nada for a hospital grade breast pump and we all know that I LOVE free stuff!  The breast pump has helped me for a number of reasons.  First off my nipples became ridiculously sore around day 2 or 3 for a number of reasons: latch issues, frequent feedings (my baby gets hangry like his daddy), our anatomies, etc.  The first day I came home from the hospital I cringed at the idea of feeding him due to severe nipple pain.  In fact I was ready to give up on breast feeding and give him a bottle of formula.  Pumping, however, saved me not only on that night, but whenever I feel that my nipples need a break.  Plus, my husband gets a chance to feed our son.  My husband loves this and I love that they get to bond.  Also it is nice to have the husband take a night feeding so I can get a little chunk of sleep.  Which leads us to...

2. Nap when you can... because you will be tired, real tired.  Tired to the point that time distorts and you have no idea what the beep is going on.  I hear it gets better, but I'll let you know.  Last night was a great night, but I don't want to get excited too soon. 

3. Invest in nipple cream, newborn bottles, and a good breastfeeding pillow.  Once again this only applies if you plan to breastfeed.  Seriously put these things on your registry because:
  • Your nipples will get sore and you will be thankful for nipple cream to help prevent cracked nipples.  I use nipple cream after every feed or pumping session and my nipples are in good shape... not that you needed to know that.  
  • Why newborn bottles?  Because if you are like me and need to pump every now and then you will need a way to feed your son.  If you have the bottles on hand just in case, your poor partner won't have to venture out to find bottles in the middle of the night.  That would suck...
  • Breastfeeding is hard and I highly recommend getting as comfortable as you can.  Comfortable mommy = better milk production for your little one and that is my goal.  I want my son to grow up to be strong like bull and in my opinion breast milk helps on many levels, but that is another discussion for another day.  The breastfeeding pillow has allowed me to feed with more comfort and I like to think my son loves it.  After all I would love to be able to lay on soft foam as someone feeds me liquid gold.  Just saying.
He gets milk drunk
3. Adult diapers.  Yes, adult diapers.  The crazy mesh underwear and pads that you are given in the hospital are totally uncomfortable and irritated my laceration.  Plus, I leaked right through them.  Nothing like having a big blood stain on your ass and not knowing it until after you had walked down the postpartum hall a few times to stretch your legs.  Sexy right?  Enter adult diapers.  Someone had told me to purchase adult diapers and I love them because they are more comfortable, less irritating, and capture all the lochia neatly. And no blood leakage on my new nursing pajamas! 

4. Gas drops.  My poor baby gets terrible gas pain that makes him howl for hours.  I tried to sit outside with him during one gas fit and had to go back inside because I was afraid my neighbors would think I was torturing my poor son.  My pediatric Nurse Practitioner reassured me that gas in developmental in newborns and that the gas drops are fine for my son to take.  Do they work?  Sometimes.  And sometimes is better than never so I use them every time little man gets a bottle.

5. Go outside.  I would also recommend double checking with your pediatrician office before doing this.  I got the green light to go on walks with my son in the neighborhood since the weather is nice, but was strongly discouraged from bringing him to crowded, public places (grocery store, Starbucks, etc.) until he is 2 months old.  Getting some fresh air is amazing and the walking helps with my nervous energy.  Plus an added bonus is baby boy tends to fall asleep after a loop around the block.

6. Take advantage of help.  Don't try to do it all even if you want to and think you can do it better than EVERYONE else.  It's hard for one person to take care of an infant 24/7.  I need breaks so I can sleep or pump or even take a shower.  I know that eventually I won't have any help so I'm extremely grateful for it now because this transition is difficult (but very, very worth it!). 

7. Don't forget to eat and drink.  Having a baby is a lot of work, both physically and emotionally.  By the time you're done feeding / pumping, cleaning up, changing baby, and putting baby down you close your eyes for one second and it's time for his next feed.  Sometimes I feel like a dairy cow... Don't neglect yourself.  You need tons of water to help with milk supply and nutrition to keep you going.

8. You may still look pregnant after the baby.  Maybe some of you bounce right back, but I still looked pregnant after giving birth.  Even though I know better, I thought that in some crazy universe I would push out my son and have a flat stomach again.  Nope.  So please if you see a mother holding a small baby DON'T ask her if she is expecting or say, "wow, Irish twins."  It takes 10 months to put the weight on, so clearly it will take time to loose the baby weight.  One day at a time.

9. Don't forget your fur babies.  Having a new baby is a hard transition for your fur babies too.  Make sure to show them love too.  I sometimes get caught up in the new baby, but I try to make an effort to give Rocky some love too whether it is an extra treat here and there or giving him a little one on one cuddle session.  And we always invite him to lie with us when feeding or resting.

Best friends already
10. Take lots of pictures. I was already crazy obsessed with my dog, but now the focus has shifted to babe.  Each day he looks completely different and I want to capture every moment I can because before you know it he won't be my little baby anymore.  Plus I'm obsessed and like to show him off.

My heart <3

Monday, August 21, 2017

Last weeks goal was a fail, but Ebates...

Last week I failed my goal of eating all the veggies in my CSA box, but I didn't throw anything away.  So I will try, try, try to finish everything before it spoils.  Thank God family is coming to visit this week so I can have some help consuming these veggies.

On a side note, I recently received my "big fat check" from Ebates.

This is definitely not the biggest or fattest check I have ever received, but free money is free money.  I use Ebates every time I shop online and receive cash back.  There is literally no catch.  I have talked about Ebates a number of times and am still shocked that people don't use Ebates for all their online shopping.

Sign up today with my referral link here and receive $10 in addition to the advertised cash back after making a purchase through Ebates.  By signing up I also get a chance to win a vacation to Disney World and you know baby Della Favorite would love to go to Disney World.  Fine, I would love to go as I have never been.  Regardless sign up and let me know what you think of Ebates and how much money you have gotten back.  My friend has already surpassed by total earning by shopping for all his work purchases through Ebates.  Yes, I'm jelly, but love that he is getting to reap the benefits of this amazing site. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Veggie Eats - Tuesday and Wednesday Recap


I wanted a bowl of Cap'n Crunch, but I was a good girl and made a green drink with half the kale.

My husband loves french onion soup.  Chances are if french onion soup is on the menu, he'll order it.  So when I suggested french onion soup due to the ridiculous amount of onions we had, the husband was all about it.  What husband wants, husband gets... once in awhile.

However, in my husband's mind soup is not a meal.  So I had to make sausage and Israeli couscous stuffed peppers because husband likes meat. 

Yes I forgot to take a picture of them cooked.  

And I love Israel couscous.  If you have never had it, you need to try it!  So good.


I made zucchini noodles aka zoodles with a tomato and sausage sauce. 

Easy, quick, and it used 2 vegetables. 


The only thing that would have made this better was some avocado.  I love me some BLATs.

And here's what is left of the vegetables:

And meal suggestions with the remaining vegetables would be greatly appreciated!