Monday, June 4, 2018


Last week I did not eat as healthy as I would like, so of course I didn’t see the results that I would like to see.  I weighed myself this morning and I am back to the exact weight that I started out at. Funnnn....

I can fully admit that I have an unhealthy relationship with food, and my body for that matter, but both have gotten far better than they once were.  I'm a work in progress and that's ok.

Reflecting back on last week, but especially yesterday I see that I have a very hard time with mindful eating. I eat too fast, which is one problem. How do you enjoy what you are consuming when you are shoveling food into your mouth?  But I also don’t stop when I’m full. That is the goal I want to work on this week, mindfulness.  Stopping when I’m full and allowing my body to tell me it’s needs. It’s so funny to watch my son start to eat solids. He takes bite after bite after bite in no rush. And hear I am looking at my 9 month old and wanting to be more like him.  Someone who is less in her head and more mindful and aware in the moment.  Thank you for the lesson my son.

I like Mondays.  They are my acknowledgement of a new week and a chance for self improvement. I could easily beat myself up for the things I did "wrong."  We all have a choice.  You can maintain negativity, self doubt,and self criticism.  Or you can approach everything from the perspective of a learning experience on your path to self growth and discovery while practice positivity.  I choose the later.

Weekly Goals:
  • To workout every day at work during lunch
  • To take my time to eat
  • To work on being mindful
  • To be more present in the moment

Thursday, May 31, 2018


I am now a LipSense distributor.  If you already love LipSense and need more than I'm your gal.  If you have never heard of LipSense then where have you been living because you need to try it?!  LipSense is a long lasting lip color that lasts anywhere from 4-18 hours.  It is waterproof and does not transfer when eating or smooching.  Plus it doesn't dry out your lips.
If you have never tried LipSense it is recommended to first get a starter kit including the color of your choice, gloss, and a remover.
And yes you need to use LipSense gloss because unlike other lip glosses, it will not break down the LipSense color.  Plus it helps to keep your lips hydrated and improves your lips health overtime with daily use.

Here are just a few of the LipSense colors to choose from.  Use LipSense alone, layer it, or mix it with another LipSense color for tons of different color combinations.  You can get as creative as you want!

If you see a product not listed above that you want reach out to me for availability and pricing.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

1 week down, the rest of my life to go!

So yesterday marked one week.  No pictures to post today, because change takes time.  Last week was an experiment.  I'm the type of person who does all or nothing, which can be hard because when I feel like I've failed I tend to say f-it and just eat whatever, without control, and with later regret.  From Wednesday night through Friday I just gave in to nightly craving.  Why is it so hard to maintain control at night?  Friday night I ate Domino's and it made me feel horrible for the rest of the night and all day Saturday.  As a result I woke up Saturday with determination.  I focused on eating protein, protein, and more protein and felt much better Sunday.  Yesterday I tried to focus on protein, but add in some veggies, because home girl feels plugged up.  Not sure if it is from all the crap I ate Wednesday through Friday, the high protein and low carb diet Saturday and Sunday, or a combination of both, but I don't like feeling this way.  I'm on the search to find some happy medium.  It's all about balance and moderation.

Today is Monday and a new week with new goals.  My goals are:

  • To continue eating high protein
  • To limit processed carbs as much as possible
  • To eat more vegetables
  • And to track my water intake to make sure I'm drinking at least 8 glasses (Something tells me I've been consuming more caffeine and less water)

I'm feeling positive about this week because my husband is willing to eat low carb with me for dinners and I have some fun meals planned.  Plus, I weighed myself today and despite not feeling like I did my best (I'm terribly hard on myself if you couldn't tell) I'm down 1.1 lbs!  Here is to week 2! *raises water bottle and chugs, chugs, chugs*