Sunday, December 20, 2015

Video Tutorial DIY Glitter Wine Glasses

Often I get intense desires to not do anything remotely important, but create things, often with glitter. These last few days have been no exception.

You ever have this intense desire to cover things in glitter?
Uh, me either.  Now I'm just lying.

DIY with glitter is super easy and there are a number of other tutorials on how to glitterize your favorite items.  I've been making glitter dipped items for over a year and I'm going to share the method that I find works the best after a lot of trial and error.  Your glasses will shine like diamonds in the sky and you won't get glitter all over you once the item is cured.  Plus these glasses make great Holiday gifts or gifts for your favorite girlfriends.

In this video I show you not only how to make a glitter dipped wine glass, but also how to cover up a logo (yes I go to a lot of wine festivals).  If you don't have any wine glasses to glitterize you can get them cheap at a dollar store.  My local dollar store has both traditional and stemless wine glasses for $1 a piece.

Tutorial DIY Glitter Wine Glasses
You will need:
- Wine glasses of your choosing 
- Painters tape
- Mod Podge or as I like to call it "Modge Podge" in glossy finish 
- Sponge brush or other small painting brush
- Fine glitter 

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