Sunday, April 16, 2017

My honest Tieks review

I wear ballet flats almost every day at work... Let's start over.

I wear the same pair of ballet flats almost every day at work: a silver pair of Vera Wang Lavender flats that I got years ago from Century 21.  They literally go with everything.  So needless to say I was on the hunt for a pair of ballet flats that are versatile enough to wear everyday and most importantly comfortable.  Now that it is warm(er), I try to go on a walk a few times a week during my lunch break to get a few minutes of fresh air and cardio.  Thus my shoes have to transition from office to walk and back to office without my feet hurting or leaving my feet covered in blisters.
I've heard about Tieks for awhile, but the cost hindered me from trying them out.  What changed my mind was the return policy.  A lot of websites appear to offer free shipping and returns, but when you read the fine print there is some stipulation, whether it is a fee for return shipping or stocking.  Not with Tieks!  So I took a chance and ordered the Rose Gold Glam Tieks that I had my eyes on.  
First off the packaging is adorable.  Tieks are known for their Tiffany Blue soles and the packaging ties in with the color scheme perfectly. 
Plus the flower detail is really stunning.  This is an an item that you can definitely repurpose.  The flower detail is on an elastic so it would be a gorgeous finishing touch to a gift as Tieks presents it or would look super cute in your little one's hair as a statement headband.  You're welcome.
First off I love the rose gold color.  It screams summer.  I also like that Tieks are foldable.  They come with a black dust bag that the flats fold into, which is a really nice touch.  Plus it allows you to carry these shoes in your purse without getting your purse covered in God knows what's on the ground and change into them as needed. 
Now what I don't like... 

I love that the soles are Tiffany Blue, but I really, really, really don't like the blue stripe down the back of these flats.  It cheapens the look. 
As soon as I slipped these on my initial thought was: these are not the most comfortable flats I've ever tried.  Tieks need to be broken in and for $235 I don't know if they will truly become the most comfortable shoe once they form to my feet.  For that price tag I'm just not willing to risk keeping them and then regretting such an expensive purchase.   Plus the demarcation of my big toe is weird.  I feel like that would annoy me overtime.  So the Tieks had to go back.

The main reason I decided to review Tieks is that I did not see a single negative review while researching Tieks online and after trying them I wonder if more bloggers were offered some type of incentive for their glowing reviews.  I'm leaning towards yes considering the cheapest pair of Tieks go for $175, which is pricey! A few bloggers did admit that they were offered half off to review the Tieks and honestly I probably would have kept these Tieks for half off, but no incentive was offered.  For now I'm still on the hunt for the most comfortable flats that won't break the bank.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

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