Sunday, December 4, 2016


Most people know about Ebates by now, but I still meet people who don't know about Ebates or use it for ALL their online shopping.

So for those of you who don't know Ebates offers cash back for all most of your online shopping.  I can't say all because there are still times that I will purchase something online and the site is not participating with Ebates (I'm talking specifically about Joyus...come on Ebates that site is the bomb!).

Ebates is super simple once you sign up here.  
1.  Click the link for the site you want to shop at.  Clearly today it's all about Nordies.
2. Once you click the desired shopping site a new tab will pop open and take you to Nordstrom's website.
3.  Shop as you usually would and get a percent back off your purchase.  In this case 6%.  

I swear it is that easy.  And then you get a big, fat check or money transferred to your PayPal account.
Right now when you sign up for Ebates you get $10 cash back and a chance to win a 2016 Toyota Highlander for doing nothing more then one extra click of your mouse before doing what you already did best.  Now you can do it better.  Seriously if you are not using Ebates to get cash back you are missing out on free money.  And while a $22.31 check may not seem like much, those checks add up.

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