Sunday, August 2, 2015


I'm not talking about the kind you go to to fist pump the night away.  I'm talking about monthly clubs that send you goodies.  My clubs of choice?  Beauty and health.  I subscribe to 2 different monthly clubs: Ipsy and Bulu Box.  

I've talked about Ipsy before.  Last month I left off initially unhappy with my Ipsy Glam Bag.  Then I tried the Tarte bronzer.  
How I achieve this look:

Tarte bronzer is by far the best bronzer I have ever tried.  While it has a hint of shimmer,  which I don't tend to like, don't let the shimmer scare you.  The color goes on super shear and is not only buildable, but is waterproof.  The finished look is lit from within radiance.  I find that matte bronzers can make me look dirty and flat, but this bronzer gives me a beautiful glow.  I'm loving it!  This reminds me of my favorite bronzer I had years ago from Fresh.  It has been discontinued.

Bulu Box costs me $15 for 3 months of weight loss boxes and is well worth that price tag.
This box included Movit Energy Gummies, Shapeology Garcinia Cambogia, Runa Guayusa Tea, Quest Protein Powder in Peanut Butter, and Earth's Care Anti-Itch Cream.

The Anti-Itch cream is amazing.  I get random rashes and tend to have itchy, dry skin and the Earth's Care Cream instantly soothes my skin.  The Runa tea was also a hit.  The mint taste was refreshing and it provided me with a noticeable increase in energy.  Guayusa has more antioxidants than green tea so I am definitely purchasing this tea to consume for its energy and antioxidant benefits.  And the Quest powder is so of my favorite protein powder on the market.  I had never tried the peanut butter flavor so I was super excited to get to test out the flavor.  

Bulu Box offers a ton of perks.  Some of these perks include discount membership for renewing the club.  Also you get the option to add on items to your monthly box for a reduced rate.  Additionally when you review the products you receive on you gain points towards future purchases of items that you can buy from Bulu Box and the items are not just limited to what is sent in your monthly box.  Bulu Box offers everything from the items you see in the image above to DVDs and vitamins.  

To spend $5 on a box of health instead of a fancy coffee is worth it.  I've been exposed to some awesome stuff with Bulu Box.  If you are interested in Bulu Box use code FANTASTIC to get your second box for free.  

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