Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ipsy Summer Lovin

For a few Ipsy Glam Bags now I have been questioning if I want to continue to subscribe to the $10 a month beauty club.  It is not about the money, since I always feel that the products I get are well worth the $10 price tag.  The turnoff for me is the products that Ipsy tends to send.  Here is my July Glam Bag:
Summer Lovin
So at first glance the bag doesn't look bad at all.  In fact, I got a nice shade of mineral lipstick and a Tarte bronzer that I know is highly rated.  Go me!

But alas my complaint.  Ipsy has you take a survey before joining the club to know your beauty preferences.  For example, they want to know what kind of makeup you like, what types of makeup and beauty products you want, don't want, etc.  I specifically made sure to check off no bronzer / blush, lip product, or lipstick.  Additionally, one of the makeup styles you can choose is "WORLDY" which features a woman with bright eye makeup.  None of the other images on the makeup styles show anyone with bright (in my opinion ridiculous) eye makeup.  Clearly, I didn't choose to have the "WORLDLY" look.  It is not for me so what's up with neon blue eyeliner?

I find that Ipsy tends to send me products that I specifically have not asked for while generally failing to send me the products that I want.  And the 5 products you see pictures above are just 5 of the 27 products that you could potentially get.  There are other products this month that would be a much better fit.  I'm not sure how Ipsy chooses the products to send to people because my friends also feel that Ipsy does not take into consideration the quiz you take prior to joining the beauty club.  From reading Ipsy customer comments it would seem that this is a common theme.

Despite my annoyance I don't think I can part ways with Ipsy quite yet.  For $10 a month I love getting a surprise in the mail.  And every now and then I have found something that I really love.

Today is the last day you can join Ipsy without being on the waitlist.  That's huge!  Click here if you want to try Ipsy out for yourself despite my above rant.  If you do join please let me know how you like the Glam Bags and if you feel Ipsy is using your questionnaire as a guide to the products you receive.

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