Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ipsy Match Glam Bag Review

In early March I wrote about Ipsy. At that time I was excited because I received a sneak preview of what I would receive in my March Glam Bag and I thought the color of the NYX Butter Lipstick was fabulous.  Little did I know, however, I would not receive the pink color pictured, but instead a dark purple colored lipstick called Hunk.
I'm not afraid of taking makeup risks, I think that is part of the fun of beauty, but the purple looked clownish on me.  Let's put it this way, when your husband who knows enough to tell you that a new lipstick looks, "great," even if he doesn't "really" think so, but for once says, "well..." with a long pause, you know that the color is a miss!

Lucky for me a friend of mine also receives Ipsy Glam Bags and she did not like her color either.  So we swapped and I got to try out the color I had originally wanted, Little Susie.
From left to right: the two eyeshadow swatches from Pixi by Petra in Apricot Glow and NYX Butter Lipstick in Little Susie

Little Susie is definitely Barbie pink, but I find it a much better Spring color than Hunk.  The third NYX Butter Gloss color some folks received in their Glam Bag was Pops, a nice mauve, which I would have loved, but you get what you get.  These lipsticks retails for $10.

I definitely was not crazy about this month's Glam Bag.  Frankly the only items I really liked were the:
  • Coolway Glow Oil Treatment - Normally hair oils make my fine hair greasy, but this manages to tame flyaways without weighing down my hair.  And my hair never looks greasy!  I loved this product.
  • Crownbrush Infinity Shadow / Crease Duet Brush - You can never go wrong with a crease brush.  The quality is good.
  • The Ipsy bag, which is super cute and I love neon.  
I wasn't impressed with the:
Overall I still love receiving my $10 personalized, surprise Ipsy Glam Bag and I would still recommend it.  February's bag was awesome and I hope April's bag will be even better!  

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