Monday, March 2, 2015

Candy Contour Update and Wick Candles

So my intention was to start a new blog so I could blog more frequently, but unfortunately a lot has been going on lately and it has been difficult to find any free time.  I will say though, that I finally had a chance to try on the Candy Contour bra by Adore Me that I wrote about in my last post and it is a winner!  
The longline fit is very slimming and, while the style makes you look Va Va Voom, it is very comfortable.  Now, however, I must patiently wait for the design to be made in some new colors...  

The weather here on the East Coast has been awful and I have never been, nor will I ever be, an outdoor, winter weather kind of gal.  And frankly I have way too much work and studying to do to find any time to take a moment to go have fun.  This is my life for a while and I accepted it.  Since I have no choice, but to be a homebody, I have been burning a lot of candles lately.  My sister in law turned me on to WoodWick candles when she gave me one years ago as a gift and it was blessing and curse because a) they are awesome, b) they have a loud crackle that soothes my soul, c) I became addicted to candles, d) they are expensive (for for a candle).  Campfire Marshmallow is amazing!  
Eco Wix
Another brand I like that is a fraction of the price ($7.99) is Eco Wix.  You can find them at Home Goods and they burn for hours longer than the WoodWick candles, however, their crackle is significantly quieter to the point that sometimes you do not hear the noise at all.  I personally prefer the ambient noise of the WoodWick candles for studying and like I mentioned earlier I'm addicted to Campfire Marshmallow.   Eco Wix is a decent alternative, but I say shell out the cash and go for the WoodWick!  

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