Sunday, February 15, 2015

Je adore Adore Me

And let's face it, he does too.

Adore Me is one of my new guilty pleasures (but patience my at a time).  So what is this new pleasure of mine?  Well Adore Me is a website that features lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, and robes, which you can buy outright for comparable prices, or you subscribe to their monthly plan and pick out any bra set, lingerie, sleepwear, etc. on the website, regardless of cost, for a flat fee $39.95.  This cost includes shipping and returns.

I first found out about Adore Me through Gilt City, where I got a great deal and was able to buy two items or sets from Adore Me for a steal ($20 each).  The only downside of this deal was that I could not return these items with the Gilt City promotional credit.  So I did what any sensible shopper would do and purchased first through Adore Me's own website  to see if the quality was good and if the bra would actually fit me, because most bras don't fit me.  Valentine's Day was coming up and I bought this little number:
I'm not normally one to wear unlined bras, but this is beyond comfortable, flattering, and offers support for a large chest, while not making my headlights show.  It is the perfect amount of sexy, which still making me feel classy.  I ordered my regular bra and underwear sizes and both fit like they were made for me.  Wife tested, husband approved.

So then I went ahead and used my Gilt City credit to buy another bra and underwear set and pajamas:
Candy Contour bra is being saved for date night and I'm sure it too will be husband approved.  There is something about the vintage bra look that I find terribly sexy.  I'll report back once I try it on, but I'm too comfy in my Matilda pajamas.  The Matilda are soft, comfortable and keep me looking sophisticated while I get my lounge on.  My old target pajamas are going to have to go to donation heaven because these are here to stay and I have my eye on them in blue aka "Justina."  Good thing I have a $15 credit.  Whoop there it is.

The quality of these items seems to be on par with Victoria's Secret.  I can't comment on how these items will hold over the long term as I've only had them for a short period, but the pajamas alone are more substantial than my Victoria Secret pajamas, which are of similar material and style.  I will say that the Mandy unlined bra is more comfortable then any of my Victoria's Secret bras, but then again, Victoria's Secret doesn't target girls that are my size.  I'm normally one that buys Felina bras, but those get very pricey.

With the monthly plan you can:
  • cancel at any time
  • skip a month as long as you contact Adore Me by the 5th of each month.  If you forget to skip a month by the 5th, however, you get a credit to your account
  • get a free item after you purchase 5 items 
  • refer friends and receive $15 for each friend that signs up...your friends will get their first set for $20 if they sign up with your referral (you can sign up with mine by clicking here or below)
  • shop for lingerie from the convenience and privacy of your home even if you are plus size or have a weird bra size like I do (Adore Me doesn't discriminate)
  • take advantage of many specials that Adore Me offers (once again, see below)

Additionally, as of today, Adore Me is offering a special.  When you  buy 1 item you get 1 sale item free when you use code 2FOR1.  

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