Monday, May 15, 2017


I've talked about this time and time again.  I have no idea how people are still not using Ebates.  It is a no-brainer and is so easy to use that even an *gasp* adult can use the website.  If you can use a cell phone you can use Ebates!  No excuse people!

Ebates is a website that provides a cash back percentage of your purchase when you shop at various different stores online.  For reference, there are over 2,000 stores that participate with Ebates.  When you go to Ebates you select the store that you want to shop at and click the link that takes you from Ebates to said store.  Then you just wait for your email confirming your cash back and every few months get a check or gift card with the earrings.
Ebates also provides coupon codes similar to RetailMeNot.  So not only are they giving you cash back, but they are helping you to save more money!  Who doesn't like to save money? #Exactly
So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for Ebates today here.  When you sign up I am eligible for a referral bonus and you get free $10 cash once you make your first purchase through Ebates.  Happy shopping!

And if you are looking for another good deal Macys has an awesome Lancome Gift With Purchase and is offering 10% cash back through Ebates.  I would snag it before it's gone.

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