Monday, March 13, 2017

I'm back

Nope I haven't posted anything since the beginning of December 2016!  But in my defense I've been a little preoccupied creating a human and all.  So for those of you who for some reason still read this I'm pregnant.  And no I'm not showing, so stop asking. This is the only form of social media I plan to share my news with for now.  It feels safe to me here, mostly because I'm pretty sure nobody reads my blog anymore. 

I wish I had had the courage to blog from early on to record this experience, but I've been in my head.  I wanted to keep this a secret for awhile as I have a lot of fears and anxiety about pregnancy from the things I've witnessed working in this field.  Others who haven't shared these experiences can't understand where I'm coming from.  I've been told to not stress because it's not good for me and the baby.  Seriously?  The reality is I'm not stressed.  I've had a deep sense of feeling this is meant to be since the moment I knew I was pregnant, which was way before any test could tell me.  But when you are the one to have to deliver the news that a patient has lost their baby at 19 weeks for no apparent reason, then you can tell me how I should or shouldn't feel.  I wish some had empathy, but small minds are incapable of being empathetic. 

The first lesson I learned through this experience is not to share something that you don't want repeated (yes I know I should have learned that from High School).  Doesn't matter who you think you are confiding in because people talk.  And talk.  And post congratulations on Facebook.  And tell you that so and so wants you to know x, y, and, z about being pregnant when you have no idea who so and so is.  Now the question is why does so and so know I'm pregnant?  Weird...  So my two suggestions thus far are:
1. If someone gives you the courtesy of sharing their news don't share it unless they tell you you can.  And if you aren't sure then by all means double check.
2. Don't tell people something you don't want repeated, but if you do make it crystal clear that they shouldn't repeat it.

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