Saturday, December 3, 2016

About them lashes

Tricky Hair was nice enough to reach out to me to try out their mink (false) lashes and how could I ever say no?  A gal can look fab with the right mascara, but add those falsies and you take your look to a whole new level.  And Tricky Hair reached out at the perfect time as my friend's wedding was right around the corner.

As soon as I got these bad boys I wanted to try them out, but patience grasshopper...
I mean look at them, they are gorgeous!
I have always wanted to try Mink eyelashes, but the price made me hesitant to splurge on them especially since I only wear falsies for special occasions.  For weeks I looked at the lashes sitting on my dresser with longing.  Shouldn't I try them out for practice after all?  I mean those who use falsies daily may not have a difficult time applying lashes, but for girls like me who wear them on occasion applying falsies can be challenging.  So you have to understand how hard it was for me to wait to test these bad boys out. 

They are soft, light to wear, and look far more natural then synthetic lashes. 

These eyelashes definitely were harder for me to apply since the lash strip was slightly more firm then I am used to, but the end result was gorgeous, full, yet natural looking eyelashes.  And because these eyelashes have so much oomph I was able to keep my makeup simple: gold eyeshadow blended with brown in the crease, a thin line of black liner and a coat of my favorite mascara. 

Not only did the compliments roll in all night, but these lashes stayed through hours of dancing in humid New Orleans followed by more dancing at the after party in a crowded, sweaty bar. 

My tips for applying these eyelashes:
Make sure to stretch out the lash bands before you apply them
Trim eyelashes to fit your eye (I think they look best if you trim the inner corner)
Use a dark lash glue (Duo, you amazing)
And most importantly give yourself time to apply them
I have since worn these bad boys twice and they look as good as the night of the wedding.  
The case the lashes comes in is not only cute, but makes storing these Mink Lashes easy.  

If you haven't checked out Tricky Hair's website then take a minute to visit to check out their 3D Mink Eye Lashes and 100% Remy Human Hair Clip-In Extensions.  Prices are comparable with other online retailers, there is a vast selection of hair colors and lengths for clip-ins, and customer service is on point (and we all know how I feel about customer service). 

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