Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reality TV and a little Rant

I can't believe I'm admitting it, but lately I have been on a reality TV kick.  I mean I don't know what it is about watching crap television, but I find it thoroughly enjoyable.  In my defense, it is how I distract myself through a workout.  So in a sense, the damage I'm doing to my brain is counterbalanced by the benefits I'm doing to my bod.  Right?  I know you feel me...

So I was watching Wags, yes Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars...  I find it hilarious that these "Wags" call themselves "Wags," but I don't have time for tangents right now.  These women are curvy, gorgeous, and ridiculously flawless.  A few of them are brazen enough to admit that they get work done or contour themselves from head to toe to give the illusion of flawlessness.  And they own it (I'm taking to you Natalie and Olivia).  I respect that and find it incredibly refreshing.  It got me thinking. 

We live in an age where social media predominates.  It is very easy to obscure the line between reality and fiction.  We have self esteem issues and unrealistic expectation of how we should be, how we should look and I would argue we have unrealistic expectations of what we expect in others, especially our partners.  Yes I one time had an ex boyfriend tell me that I should get a nose job.  Thus we are exes.  This is the plastic surgery era.  More people are getting plastic surgery now then ever, yet as a nation and world we are still in an economic depression.  I find it interesting. 

I'm not knocking plastic surgery by any means.  I truly believe that if something is going to make you happy, not hurt you or others, and is within your means, than by all means, do the damn thing.   I just think more celebrities (including social media "celebrities") should be more transparent and admit they get work done.  I mean hell, they share everything else for the public, but nooo, don't ask them about their plastic surgery because that's "offensive".  End rant. 

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