Monday, July 25, 2016

Gamiss for Affordable, Trendy Fashion

So let's be real, my body has changed.  I put on the "freshman 15."  But I'm not a freshman...  Adult life gets busy and I made sacrifices to get to where I am in life.  I'm proud of where I've come, but in the process I got totally out of shape.  

I don't want to invest in pricey pieces since I've decided I'm getting my groove back.  Gamiss was nice enough to give me the opportunity to try them out.  

I love rompers and this print caught my eye.  This outfit can be dressed up or down, is light and comfortable and totally does what it claims, helps slim my waist.   

I did, however, have to use fashion tape to keep the top from exposing my goods.  No bigs.  
Plus it gives the illusion that I have legs_for_days!  #legsfordays

Lately I have disliked my stomach.  I had a beautiful, flat tummy until I got diagnosed with PCOS and it feels like overnight it became my problem area.  If you have this issue then flowy tops are your friend!  But pair them with something more fitted on the bottom for a streamline look. 

Sizing for these items was a little confusing.  I ordered the romper in a large, which I'm glad I did because I think it would have been too short in a smaller size.  The tank top is a small and is roomy and comfortable.  I also ordered the Trendy U Neck Sleeveless Printed Women's Maxi Dress in a large, but it was too big and was unflattering.  When ordering I erred on the side of ordering the size corresponding to my biggest measurement, but I think you could get away ordering your standard American size.  

All in all I really liked Gamiss and will definitely order form them again.  There clothes are fashion forward and affordable, which means I can splurge from time to time without feeling guilty.  

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