Sunday, April 10, 2016

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Review

The Paula's Choice BzzAgent campaign ends tomorrow and I wanted to give an honest review after having ample time to try this product out.
Paula's Choice Website claims that this product is a "gentle, leave-on exfoliate" for all skin types that:
  • rapidly unclogs and diminishes pores
  • diminishes the appearance of wrinkles
  • improves skin tone for smooth and radiant skin
My Thoughts
The product claims to be gentle, but in the beginning I didn't like it because the liquid made my skin red, hot, and irritated.  I did, however, continue to use this product, perhaps against my better judgment, and the irritation quickly went away.  For example, I used it this morning and I did notice a hint of redness on my skin, but can no longer see it now that I have applied makeup.  Also I felt no irritation using this product.  It feels somewhat greasy upon application, but quickly absorbs and doesn't leave me greasy or alter the application of other face makeup.  

I was most excited about the potential antiaging effects.  I am at the age where fine lines are starting to bother me and any product that claims that it will help my fine lines is worth a try as far as I am concerned.  I do not notice a reduction in my fine lines, which was my ultimate goal.  SAD FACE.  My skin definitely looks even and feels smooth, but I think part of this is the fact that I have started using a Clarisonic to clean my face before applying this product.  This product definitely did reduce the size of my pores, which I noticed before I started using the Clarisonic.  Just to note, I never thought my pores were large, but I definitely notice that they are almost non existent after using this.  
Cost and Love or Pass It
This product retails for around $28.  I definitely would recommend the BHA liquid if you are someone who struggles with large pores since this worked wonders on my pores.  I also think that this helped my skin tone and texture, but I am not 100% certain that all the credit goes to Paula's Choice.  I do caution anyone with sensitive skin from using BHA liquid since I experienced some irritation in the beginning.  Use this at your own judgment.  

If you want to try this product use code "PRBHA16" for 20% off your purchase when you shop through Paula's Choice website.  Let me know how you like it or your thoughts if you already use this.   

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