Friday, January 1, 2016

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx - Does it work?

So I HAD to purchase Instant FirmX after seeing this item aired on QVC.
I'm a sucker for the power of the live demo.  
Instant Firmx™ temporarily tightens the appearance of skin and reduces the look of forehead creases, “11” lines, crow’s-feet, enlarged pores, and nasal-labial folds. With this revolutionary formula, white residue is splashed or patted away while active firming agents remain behind.
I've always been aware of my smile lines around my eyes and never had a problem with them since these markings are a sign of a happy person (you know it!).  Recently, however, I noticed that I had fine lines on my forehead that no longer faded away with moisturizer.  I would apply my makeup and within minutes I noticed that I no longer had a smooth complexion as the makeup settled into my forehead lines.  So after seeing this item on QVC I made the purchase on Amazon as it was far cheaper then the $48 price tag that this item is advertised at from most beauty retailers.  Plus, I felt more comfortable starting with a temporary tightener then committing to Botox.  I love the look of Botox on others, but I'm not that comfortable with the idea of botulinum being injected into my face.  

Here are pics of my skin sans makeup immediately after washing my face:
 Those forehead lines!  

You use this product on clean, dry skin where you want your skin to become taunt.  Directions are to apply FirmX and remain expressionless for 3-7 minutes.  I'm not sure you realize how hard it is to remain expressionless...

Within 3 minutes I definitely feel my skin becoming tighter:
 My forehead wrinkles are practically nonexistent.
 Note the write residue that this product leaves behind.

Next I applied BB Cream :

So does it work?  
Overall yes.  What I notice is that once I put moisturizer or makeup on top of the FirmX my fine lines begin to resurface.  I do not think the lines are as apparent as they are sans FirmX, but I do notice them (see pictures above).  Also, my skin still feels very tight in the areas I applied the FirmX for hours post application.  

Would I buy it again?  
I'm not sure.  It works, but I'm not sure if it is worth $48.  Plus this item is marketed as a temporary solution as opposed to a treatment with long term anti-aging results.  While a quick fix is awesome, long term results are what I desire.  

If you have used this I would love to know what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment below.  

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