Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gemstone Wrist Candy

I've been so busy, but I finally have had a chance to take some me time and do what I love most ... get creative.  From glittering things to making jewelry, nothing makes me happier than spending a few minutes (or hours) making something with my hands.  No TV or radio on, I just like to sit and make and not have to think about things.  I do far too much thinking on a daily basis.

After selling out of almost all my previous bracelets I've come back with some new designs and old favorites.  All my bracelets can be worn alone or paired with another piece. For sales leave a comment or  contact me at dellafavorite@gmail.com.

From left to right: 1) silver plated hematite with turquoise accent; 2) amethyst; 3) amethyst and fancy jasper; 4) silver painted beads; and 5) amethyst and crystal accent beads.
From left to right: 1) chrysocolla and crystal accent beads; 2) chrysoprase and crystal accent beads; & 3) red agate, turquoise, and crystal accent beads.  
From left to right: 1) and 2) turquoise, red agate, and amethyst; & 3) and 4) gold plated hematite and chrysoprase.  

I also wanted some of my bracelets to have character and be able to be worn various ways with the one side being more elaborate than the other.  What's cool about this look is that one bracelet looks like two different bracelets depending on how you wear or view it.  I've received tons of compliments wearing this type of bracelet doing my post Christmas shopping at the mall.

Chrysocolla, chrysoprase, gold plated hematite and crystal accent bead bracelet

Red agate, turquoise, and crystal accent bead bracelet

Chrysoprase, silver plated hematite, and crystal accent bead bracelet

Silver plated hematite with turquoise accent bracelet

Amethyst and fancy jasper bracelet set

Amethyst, crystal accent bead, and silver painted bead bracelet set

Turquoise, red agate, and amethyst bracelet set

Gold plated hematite and chrysoprase bracelet set

Thank you for taking the time to view my creations.  If you are interested in a bracelet drop me line for a quote (dellafavorite@gmail.com).  

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