Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I love  In fact, I've got all my friends addicted to jane.  I have to check out jane daily because you never know what deal will be featured and if you snooze, you may loose.  There are days where I don't see anything that suits my fancy.  And then there are days where I go a little kray.  After all, how much cute stuff can one deal website have?  A lot!

Remember deals are only for a limited time so when I see something I really want I buy it.  Sometimes I'll miss a deal and get lucky since the deal will come back on jane.  It's like Christmas!  I take jane very seriously.

And here for you are some of my absolute favorite things that are feature on jane today.  Trust me, these deals are worth getting.  Merry Christmas!
I'm obsessed with these sweaters.  I wear them everyday.  They look great over scrubs, dresses, name it.  If you only get one color I recommend cobalt.  I get nonstop compliments every time I wear it (so I wear it often).  
These are my all time favorite tops I own.  That's a big statement.  The cut is extremely flattering.  If you are small chested this will give you the illusion of a larger chest.  If you have a larger chest this will make you look like you have a gorgeous little waist.  I have every color of this top.  Dress them up with a statement necklace or faux fur vest or stay casual with the pocket cardigan on top.  Choices are unlimited!  
My favorite skirt I own and I think I look better in it than the model.  Sorry!  
I know selfie sticks are obnoxious, but my arms aren't long enough to take selfies with groups or of outfits.  And sometimes I like to be obnoxious.  Love my selfie stick!  
I always loose my ear buds.  These are dirt cheap compared to Apple brand and work just as well.  You can control music and answer calls with the control near your chin.  Plus they come in cute colors.  I'm waiting until they make gold, but I love my pink buds.

I have mine with me and charged at all times.  It works like charm whether you are charging an iPhone or iPad.  I can even charge my phone in my scrub pockets while at work.  It is great for travel too.  
This dress I just "had" to buy.  It is so cute and it screams vacation.  I had to get this beauty before it sells out.  Plus I'm a sucker for anything with fringe.  

And these I didn't get, but I think are so cute if you have little ones:
Happy Hump Day and Happy Shopping!  

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