Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gluten free for a happy tummy

I have been M.I.A.  School takes the priority.  This semester is about halfway done and I've been busy loving every second of it.  Transitioning into a more autonomous role was the best decision I ever made and the end is in site.

On less than positive note I have been dealing with my tummy issues and finally am trying to maintain a gluten free diet (it hasn't even been a week so I can't toot my own horn yet).  I'm getting to the point where it is no longer worth it for me to "cheat."  Those temporary moments of bliss devouring Domino's and bagels are not worth the amount of time I suffer afterwords  And even though I balance my diet when I cheat it seems to negate the times I eat clean.  The reality is life will go on without me eating the crap that I love oh so much.  Plus there are some great recipes out there for a lot of "crap" made gluten free.  Take this chocolate cake made with quinoa from Mel's Kitchen.  It looks amazing and the reviews are raving about it.  My beautiful new food processor should be here on Tuesday and I can't wait to make this cake!

I'm excited to be gluten free this time around because there is a lot more information and tips for clean eating, recipes, and products to cater to my needs.  Here goes nothing...or here goes a new, healthier, tummy feel good me!  

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