Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trader Joe's, you always do me right

My friend Josh was the and gave me his Keurig.  He didn't give me any Keurig, but the Mac Daddy of them all...this bad boy.
 Talk about a fancy gift!  Ballin

I am the only one in my household who drinks coffee so a traditional coffee pot does not make sense for me.  Plus, cleaning a coffee pot isn't really my thing.  (Well, cleaning in general isn't really either...)  The nice thing about a Keurig is it is simple, easy, and convenient for someone like me who only drinks one cup of coffee a day.  (Well, maybe two if I feel like really being a rebel.)  I also like that I can keep different coffee, tea, and hot cocoa flavors (for the husband) on hand and only have to dirty a glass as opposed to a coffee machine, pot, and glasses.

I have sampled my fare share of beverages meant for the Keurig.  What I haven't been overly impressed with has been coffee K-Cups in general.  I have tried countless brands of coffee in different roasts and flavors.  I find that most K-Cup coffees are either too strong, weak, acidic, or odd / burnt tasting...  They simply do not taste as good and fresh as a cup of morning brewed coffee from a traditional coffee pot.  Keurig, and other brands, do make reusable coffee filters that you can fill with your own ground coffee to make your own K-Cups.  I'm pretty sure Keurig created this because of poor complaints with the taste of K-Cup coffee overall (my opinion).  I have tried the reusable coffee filters and even with "good coffee" I find them messy and the taste doesn't meet my coffee standards.

Somebody heard me crying at night because guess what...Trader Joe's now makes Coffee Cups.

One of my favorite things in the world is Trader Joe's coffee.  If you haven't tried it don't make a face reading this.  It is honestly really good, affordable, and does not kill your stomach if you have stomach issues.  Trader Joe's now makes their own version of K-Cups that are little mini filters that are individually packaged to preserve their freshness.  I have not seen another K-Cup product packaged like this.
With this technology every cup tastes just like a cup from a pot of freshly brewed pot coffee.  It is phenomenal!  It is like the big man upstairs heard my coffee cries and solved my woes. Not only is the packing ingenious, but it is Trader Joe's coffee!  

I have no idea how long Trader Joe's Coffee Cups have been around, but this product is an absolute must for any Keurig owner.  These pods are by far the best cup coffee I have had yet.  A cup of this reminds me of sitting with my mom and drinking coffee together.  It is a taste of home, fresh every time.


  1. Let's be honest.. what doesn't Trader Joe's do right?! I just wish they weren't so expensive.. but hey, you pay for what you get!