Friday, April 24, 2015

My Necklace That Always Impresses

Do you like my necklace?
Every time I wear this "sapphire and diamond flower necklace" I get compliment after compliment.  I pair it with my (real) sapphire studs and I would like to think it always accentuates my blue eyes.  Yesterday I wore this beauty to clinical / work and my friend's 9 year old asked me why I would wear such a pretty necklace to work?  "What if you loose it?" Duh!  Who wears expensive jewelry to work?  Why do kids always point out the obvious?  Too smart!

This necklace is from Netaya and it is 2 carats of "created blue sapphire gems and cubic zirconias" in sterling silver.  It retails for $39.
Netaya frequently has special discount promotions and today is your lucky day because select items, including this necklace, are 20% off when you use code SPRING20.  That means this beauty is a whooping $31.20.

Pictures do not do this necklace justice.  It is stunning and I promise you people will think you have a small fortune around your neck.  And let them think that, unless you are like me and you have to blab about the fabulous deal you scored.
Happy Friday and happy shopping!

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  1. I definitely think that it has to do with your eyes!! Although it is a beautiful necklace, I don't think that someone like myself, whole has brown eyes, could wear it as well as you!