Sunday, April 26, 2015

Justine's Chia Seed Water + Giveaway *** WINNER PICKED ***

I first tried chia seeds when I did the Jus by Julie cleanse 15 months ago (thank you Instagram).  That's when I met Jus by Julie's Chia Berry and fell in love!  The flavor combo is on point:  strawberries, lemon, and pomegranate merge together to create a tangy and sweet perfection.  The only thing about this drink that is a miss is that it claims to be "blended," but since these drinks are free of preservatives, which I appreciate, I can understand why they don't hold a very nice texture.  Additionally these drinks are $8 a pop, which is pushing it when you can blend them yourself at home.  I'll post my version of this drink soon.  

When I first started eating chia seeds at work everyone made fun of me.  Now many of my co-workers make chia a part of their daily diet.  Chia seeds may be little, but they pack a nutritional punch.  In fact their name comes from the Mayan language and means strength.
Nutritional Info for Bob's Red Mill Chia Seeds

Chia are rich in fiber, high in Omega 3, and have no added sodium or sugar.  They contain antioxidants and calcium, which are good for your skin, hair, and nails.  These are a great source of non animal based protein, but please remember to eat all things in moderation.  Yes I tell myself this when I drive by McDonald's and whisper Big Mac...  

There's something in my water.

It seems everyone has jumped on the chia pudding band wagon, but have you tried chia water?  I like to think of it as my protein / fiber drink in one.  Move over Metamucil.  There's a new sheriff in town.

Justine's Chia Seed Water

1.  Muddle blueberries in a shakeable cup.
2.  Top off with the remaining liquids and chia seeds.
3.  Close and tighten lid and immediately shake.
Note: chia seeds will clump if not shaken immediately.  

Drink my Chia Seed Water when you need a pick me up or during / after a workout.  It is delicious, nutritious, and refreshing.

Showtime Giveaway
Now I promised a giveaway and a giveaway you shall have.  As my way of saying thanks to my recent giveaway wins one lucky winner will win a brand new set of Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy nail polish in 430 Showtime and 010 Top Coat.  
Please note that I am hosting this giveaway.  This product was not given to me by a sponsor so do not enter this contest if you will be a sore loser.  Enter through Rafflecopter as many or as few times as you like.  
a Rafflecopter giveaway
You must be 18 years or older to enter and reside in the continental US.  Thanks for the support and good luck!


Rachel B. aka littodinozombeh is the winner!  Congrats girl.