Tuesday, March 24, 2015

iPhone wallet with built in rechargeable battery? Yes please!

I ordered this cell phone wallet case by Navor about a month ago and I have been loving it.  I always have to have a cell phone case so I can keep my ID, cash, and a credit card on me.  Some people may not think this is the smartest thing to do, but I always have my cell phone on me since when I'm working with patients, or at clinic, there is not always a spot to put your cell phone down.  And frankly, you should not leave your stuff unattended when you can be in a room with a patient for awhile or even just a few minutes.  Anything can happen by anyone.  Just saying...  So I bring the essentials and keep them in my pocket.  If someone wants my lunch, I don't really care.  If someone wants my identity, however, well that is another story.

What I love about the Navor case is it is not just a cell phone wallet case, it also a has a built in battery charger.  If my battery is drained and I cannot sit down and charge my phone for a few minutes, I can charge my phone while it is in my pocket.  

I bought this bad boy on Open Sky, which offers tons of cool stuff, but often over priced.  The one benefit of following Open Sky by email is that they offer special discounts every so often, but at least twice a month.  This wallet retails for $61.50.  Right now it is being offered on Open Sky's website for $41.50 or $33.20 if you are an email subscriber.  I managed to steal it for $28.10 during one of the sales and I couldn't be more pleased.  Plus, it is actually made of leather.  Pretty snazzy.  The charging aspect has come in handy more than I had anticipated. 

Additionally, the Navor wallet does not require any special chargers or headpieces.  The standard Apple earphones and charger work with this device.  If this sounds like something you need I would seriously check it out on Open Sky because stock is getting limited.  They offer the Navor wallet for all Apple iPhone models as well as other brands of smart phones.  

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